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Re: problem with building gcc-cross-4.8.3 for i686-pc-gnu

From: Marek Benc
Subject: Re: problem with building gcc-cross-4.8.3 for i686-pc-gnu
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2015 19:56:27 +0100
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On 01/31/2015 11:13 PM, Marek Benc wrote:

The current issue is that, when building cross-gcc, when it reaches
libgomp, configure fails when trying to create a dummy binary. For some
reason, the compiled cross-compiler needs --rpath to specify where
shared libraries are, as without it, it can't find and, which causes it to fail.

Well, I figured out a way to solve it, however, I don't know if the change is acceptable, since it alters how cross-compilers work.

In the attached patch, which builds upon the one from my previous email, I made cross compilers not use binutils' ld directly, but instead use the ld-wrapper script.

This means that while the Hurd cross compiler now works, binaries made by cross compilers have their library paths hard-coded into their RPATH section, which means that they're less flexible, which might be a problem. For some reason, the hurd cross-linker can't find libraries without specifying a --rpath, which is strange imho.

We'll have to ask Ludo whether we can do it this way, but for the time being, time to get to the fixing of actual Hurd portability issues :)


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