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Re: guix pull: error: build failed

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: guix pull: error: build failed
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 09:59:21 +0100
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"白い熊 @相撲道" <address@hidden> skribis:

> On “guix pull” I now get: 
> starting download of `/tmp/guix-file.8HWYTA' from 
> `'...
>    8711.8 KiB 
> transferred (522. KiB/s)
> unpacking 
> '/gnu/store/hyyr6yq68qsqg5zmk0zy13a4as9iircm-guix-latest.tar.gz'...
> The following derivation will be built:
>     /gnu/store/wgk8lhsaykmg1l73bpl1i97is74a7ff3-guix-latest.drv
> building path(s) 
> `/gnu/store/5j5h2x0pgm57db7fzd0i71xrnyd43rkf-guix-latest'
> copying and compiling to 
> '/gnu/store/5j5h2x0pgm57db7fzd0i71xrnyd43rkf-guix-latest'...
> compiling...   23.8% of 404 filesERROR: Unbound variable: 
> #{\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x0;\x

I can’t reproduce it.

Could you try to:

  1. Download
     with, say, wget.

  2. Run ‘guix pull --url=file:///path/to/guix-master.tar.gz’.

If you can reproduce the problem this way, then please post the exact
guix-master.tar.gz somewhere so I can look.

Thanks in advance,

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