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GuixSD in a kvm

From: Christian Thaeter
Subject: GuixSD in a kvm
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 04:38:39 +0200

I am trying to get GSD running inside a kvm (debian jessy, with a
vanilla 4,0 kernel) but having problems to boot the system.

The system configuration is pretty much the same as from the example,
just changed username, filesystem label and type to ext4.

I've used 'gsd-usb-install-0.8.1.x86_64-linux' for installation.

The first try failed, when rebooting the kernel can't be found. (sorry, no c'n'paste from the

investigating the case from the grub commandline reveals that grub is
unable to read the /gnu/store

This seems to be a problem with the emulated SATA disk.

When reconfiguring the disk to IDE or Virtio it starts booting but ends
up in a kernel panic

killing init? wtf.... anyone has an idea what could be going wrong


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