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GSoC: Rémi to work on package distribution over GNUnet

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: GSoC: Rémi to work on package distribution over GNUnet
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 21:58:52 +0200
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I’m happy to announce that Rémi Birot-Delrue will be working on binary
package distribution for Guix using GNUnet as part of Google’s Summer of
Code, as described at
Rémi will be mentored by Bart Polot, Matthias Wachs, and myself.

The goal is to have a command akin to ‘guix publish’ allowing users to
publish build results using GNUnet file sharing, and to have a
“substituter” allowing users to retrieve build results over GNUnet (see
for some background.)

Rémi plans to start working on Guile bindings for GNUnet’s file sharing
(presumably using the FFI), and then to start working on the substituter
itself (based on ‘guix substitute’) and the publisher.

I think the Guile bindings could be hosted in GNUnet’s repo, and the
rest could go in a branch in Guix’s repo.

Anyway please welcome Rémi on #guix and #gnunet!  :-)

Bart, Matthias, and Rémi: please add anything I forgot to mention!


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