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RE: TIP: untar binary install tarball using option `--warning=no-timesta

From: Cook, Malcolm
Subject: RE: TIP: untar binary install tarball using option `--warning=no-timestamp`
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 18:33:23 +0000

> > Hi,  in Cent0S7 vendor supplies me with:
> >
> > tar --version
> > tar (GNU tar) 1.26
> Running ‘git blame’ on tar’s src/extract.c shows that warnings about zeroed
> timestamps are no longer issued starting from tar 1.27, released in Oct. 2013.
> I’ve amended the manual to mention that.

Great- thanks - living and learning - 

> > Is there some good practice for following activity on debbugs  at
> >
> > It would be great to get an RSS feed or something allowing to watch all new
> bugs and activity on selected  "watched" bugs.  Any such thing exists?
> One can subscribe to address@hidden (or via
> <>) and see all the activity
> on all the bugs.

Gmane to the rescue again.  Of course!  NNTP still lives.  Hoorah!

> Alternately, if someone only interested in the bug they reported will
> automatically receive followups and status change notifications specifically
> for that bug, on the address@hidden email address.


> HTH,



> Ludo’.

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