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[PATCH 0/7] Add "guix-devel-…" commands.

From: Alex Kost
Subject: [PATCH 0/7] Add "guix-devel-…" commands.
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 11:49:50 +0300

Rather big patchset but only a couple of additions.

[PATCH 1/7] emacs: Move guile related code to "guix-guile.el".
[PATCH 2/7] emacs: Move code for evaluating to "guix-geiser.el".
[PATCH 3/7] emacs: Add code to call guile procedures.
[PATCH 4/7] emacs: Add 'guix-devel-use-current-module'.
[PATCH 5/7] ui: Add 'show-derivation-outputs'.
[PATCH 6/7] guix build: Add 'build-package'.
[PATCH 7/7] emacs: Add 'guix-devel-use-current-module'.

Patches 1, 2 and 5 are just for some auxiliary code reorganizing.

Patch 6 adds 'build-package' procedure to (guix scripts build) module,
which is probably not the best place for it, but since it uses (guix ui)
module to show some output, I don't know what module is more suitable.

And finally, I'm afraid building guix package in a Geiser REPL may not
be very useful because of <>
(you have wait for the REPL command to be finished before continuing to
edit .scm-file).

Anyway, Ludovic, is that what you meant?:


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