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Re: Set screen resolution in X.

From: Camel
Subject: Re: Set screen resolution in X.
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 12:27:18 +0300

> Try "find ~/src/guix -name '*.go' | xargs rm" and then rebuild
> guix, perhaps.

You can run 'make clean-go' to delete all of the .go files. :)

Where should I run make clean-go?

Anyway, I've tried

# find / -name '*.go' | xargs rm

Didn't help.

And I've tried reinstalling GuixSD from zero with config.scm mentioning slim-service and #:resolutions. Didn't help either. Same error again. What should I do now? Should I post my full config.scm? Should I ask you to try slim-service configuration with #:resolutions ?


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