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Re: [PATCH 1/2] gnu: Add eyed3.

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/2] gnu: Add eyed3.
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 20:55:59 +0300

On Thu, 20 Aug 2015 17:50:10 +0800
宋文武 <address@hidden> wrote:

> Efraim Flashner <address@hidden> writes:
> > * gnu/packages/mp3.scm (eyed3): New variable.
> > ---
> >  gnu/packages/mp3.scm | 25 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
> >  1 file changed, 25 insertions(+)
> > [...]
> > +    (license license:gpl2)))
> The sources have "any later version", so it's 'gpl2+'.

The website says: "eyeD3 is written and maintained by Travis Shirk and is
licensed under version 2 of the GPL." And that is backed up by the COPYING
file in the mercurial repo: Upon
checking the actual source files, it does indeed say "(at your option) any
later version", so it looks like I was mislead by not finding that wording in
the COPYING file.

> eyeD3 is both a tool and python library, I wonder whether
> 'python-eyed3' fits better.

'python-eyed3' is probably a better name. I wonder perhaps as a python
library it should be in python.scm instead of mp3.scm. Anyone have a
suggestion on that front?

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