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Re: Texinfo in descriptions?

From: Mathieu Lirzin
Subject: Re: Texinfo in descriptions?
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 14:24:55 +0200
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Alex Kost <address@hidden> writes:

> Mathieu Lirzin (2015-08-28 00:04 +0300) wrote:
>> Here is a first attempt.  It doesn't feel right to me but fornow I don't
>> know what to do without duplicating code or reorganizing the world.  The
>> problem is that translations are handle in (guix ui) so we need to
>> regenerate texi->plain-text.
> I don't understand what you mean by 'regenerate texi->plain-text'.

Maybe the correct expression should have been "reiterate
texi->plain-text".  What I meant was that the process of converting from
texinfo to plain-text need to be done in (guix ui) too, because
translated package description are texinfo fragment.

>> -  (define (description->recutils str)
>> -    (let ((str (P_ str)))
>> +  (define (description->recutils str)
>> +    (let ((str (texi->plain-text (P_ str))))
> IIUC there is no need to use 'texi->plain-text' here.  Instead you can
> replace 'package-description' with 'package-description-string' in the
> body of 'package->recutils'.  Or did I miss anything?

That was my first solution before realizing that this will lead to a
problem that this unrealistic example illustrates.

  ;; with fr_FR.UTF-8 locale

  (package-description foo)
  => "socks @code{foo}."

  (package-description-string foo)
  => "socks `foo'.\n\n"

  (N_ (package-description foo))
  => "chaussettes @code{foo}."

  (N_ (package-description-string foo))
  => "socks `foo'.\n\n"

In the last evaluation gettext was unable to find the translated string
corresponding to msgid "socks `foo'.\n\n".

> Also I think the same replacement should be done in (guix scripts
> lint) ...

I think more can be done in (guix scripts lint).  For example checking
if invoking 'package-description-string' fails which would indicate that
the markup is not correctly used.

> ... and (guix scripts package).

This script uses 'package-description' to search in it.  IIUC it was
suggested by Ludo to search using the raw Texinfo fragment and to
display using the plain-text version.

Thank you very much for your reply, :)

Mathieu Lirzin

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