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Re: [PATCH] Gracefully handle incompatible locale data

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Gracefully handle incompatible locale data
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2015 22:15:30 -0400
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[Removed libc-alpha from the CC list]

address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) writes:

> With libc 2.22 people are starting to realize that libc does not
> guarantee that it can load locale data built with another libc version,
> but they learn it the hard way:
>   loadlocale.c:130: _nl_intern_locale_data: Assertion `cnt < (sizeof 
> (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE) / sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE[0]))' failed.

FYI, this is the cause of the test suite failures of our 'guix' packages
on the core-updates branch.  It occurs during the "wrap-program, one
input, multiple calls" test in tests/build-utils.  See below for the
relevant excerpt from test-suite.log.


FAIL: tests/build-utils

accepted connection from pid 12214, user nixbld
random seed for tests: 1443069305
waiting for locks or build slots...
@ build-started 
 - x86_64-linux 
@ build-succeeded 
bash: loadlocale.c:130: _nl_intern_locale_data: Assertion `cnt < (sizeof 
(_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE) / sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE[0]))' failed.
%%%% Starting test build-utils  (Writing full log to "build-utils.log")

;;; (drv #<derivation 
 145d6e0> (#<derivation 
tests/build-utils.scm:98: FAIL wrap-program, one input, multiple calls
# of expected passes      9
# of unexpected failures  1
./test-env: line 1: 12213 Terminated              
"/tmp/nix-build-guix-" --disable-chroot 
FAIL tests/build-utils.scm (exit status: 1)

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