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Plan for 0.9.0

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Plan for 0.9.0
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 23:19:57 +0200
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It’s time to talk about the next release, 0.9.0 (I think the service
rewrite is one good reason to bump the middle number.)

In addition to the nice stuff we already have, it’d be nice to add:

  • wip-container, I think we’re almoooost there;

  • finalize multiple-server support in ‘guix substitute’;

  • maybe merge wip-loogson2f or help generalize the issues identified
    in that branch? doable?

  • low-hanging fruits in the Freedesktop side (adding a udisk service,
    fixing D-Bus service activation, for instance; what else?)

  • add the ‘guix install’ alias discussed a while back;

  • /etc/environment and pam_env, as was suggested;

  • bug fixes, lots.

The goal would be to be done within a few weeks.



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