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Re: GSoC ideas

From: Diane Trout
Subject: Re: GSoC ideas
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 15:00:22 -0800

> That looks like the way forward to me. Such a package can setup and
> start the daemon - which is enough. No need to get the blessing from
> the distributions themselves (will take time, but it will come -
> there
> really is no difference with allowing foreign packages to work
> anyway).

I wrote a basic Debian recipe to build guix, create the build users,
and install the systemd config file.

Currently I've only split the guix package into the emacs components
and everything else. I'd thought about splitting the daemon out into
its own package, but I wasn't sure what the daemon depended on. 

The daemon is still using the default /gnu/store path, and the user
needs to manually run guix authorize if they want to use hydra
binaries. The package is currently based on the stable 0.9.0 release,
and I'm not sure how security updates make it into a guix store if you
without updating the scheme packaging source tree.

It might be nice to prompt the user if they wanted to authorize hydra
on install but that's not implemented.

Currently its unlikely to go into Debian because Debian policy requires
everything to be built from source, and currently the Guix build
process downloads some bootstrap binaries.

However with the current packaging "guix environment --pure bash --
bash" does give me a clean guix environment, and the guix info docs get
installed when Debian emacs can see them.


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