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RE: Making the case for GNU Guix ... advice sought

From: Cook, Malcolm
Subject: RE: Making the case for GNU Guix ... advice sought
Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 16:55:06 +0000

> Cook, Malcolm <address@hidden> writes:
 > > Hi Ricardo,
 > >
 > > Great specifics.  If you can help me solve a few of my remaining
 > > questions, in-line below, I'd be much obliged....
 > Hi Malcolm,
 > I see that others have already replied to some of your questions.  Are
 > there any other things that you’d like us to clarify?
[Cook, Malcolm] 

No - but thanks for reaching out - I'm sure I will have more questions as I 
slowly advance.

Insofar as my "MakingTheCase" document, I have finished it to my current 
satisfaction and have used it internally to communicate my perceived value of 
moving forward with GUIX.

Again, thank everyone for your helps.  If the Guix project wanted to 
incorporate this document with whatever improvements, I'd be happy to 
contribute.... just say the word....



 > ~~ Ricardo

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