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Re: Using cups

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Re: Using cups
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 21:05:12 +0100


On Sun, 13 Mar 2016 23:10:02 +0100
address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) wrote:

> There’s currently no CUPS service for GuixSD—i.e., nothing you could
> directly add to the ‘services’ field of your ‘operating-system’
> configuration.
> If you would like to contribute one such service, that’d be welcome!
> The relevant documentation starts at:


I'm trying to get cups to work at all right now...

Currently, I found it needs (mostly to write) the following directories and 
regular files:

(goes into /etc/cups/cups-files.conf)

DataDir /gnu/store/1h53jmsx7gm7b2sfk0h0k6bgmp8fhv0i-cups-2.1.0/share/cups # 
/gnu/store/1h53jmsx7gm7b2sfk0h0k6bgmp8fhv0i-cups-2.1.0/share/doc/cups # 

CacheDir /var/cache/cups
StateDir /var/run/cups

#FIXME FontPath /zzz

Printcap /etc/printcap # written
RequestRoot /var/spool/cups # written
ServerBin /gnu/store/1h53jmsx7gm7b2sfk0h0k6bgmp8fhv0i-cups-2.1.0/lib/cups # 
ServerRoot /etc/cups # ???

It starts up with that. 

What do we do with these file paths? Should I hard-code the /var paths? Should 
we ship the cups-files.conf as above in /gnu/store (there's one currently in 
/gnu/store, but it also specifies SystemGroup "lpadmin sys system root" and so 
cupsd startup fails - I tried removing it, then it starts up).

For the USB printer, there's /dev/usb/lp0 with group "lp". So when I specify 
"Group lp" in the cups-files.conf it finds it. There's no PPD for my HP printer 
so I guess I'll package hplip next. Hplip has weird binary blobs for some 
stuff. Should we scrape them out?

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