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Re: [GSoC] Draft of my proposition

From: Rémi Birot-Delrue
Subject: Re: [GSoC] Draft of my proposition
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 21:33:25 +0100


> Have you considered picking up where Rémi left off?  Even if you choose
> not to use GNUnet instead of IPFS, perhaps Rémi's prior work can help
> you as you work on your project.

Our work last summer around sharing packages through a P2P network was
tied to GNUnet’s architecture, but surely adaptable to any other system:
as described last year on this mailing list, one would publish packages
under a specific identity (= gpg key couple) and anyone, given the
identity’s public key, would be able to fetch the shared packages. It
goes well with Guix because everything is gpg signed, is it similar in

GNUnet and IPFS seem to share some concepts (immutability, peer
identity/namespace) but IPFS is less mature: for instance, there’s a
priori no way to search a file. You might hit the same difficulties I’ve
encountred: unstable API, bugs, inaccurate or inexisting
documentation. Anyway, IPFS’s hyperlinked nature could be great to
handle multiple versions of a package.

Work on this matter can only enrich our/my comprehension of the subject,
please feel free to contact me for any question :)

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