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Re: avr-gcc

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: avr-gcc
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 07:47:24 +0200
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Ludovic Courtès writes:

>> fatal error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory
>>  # include <gnu/stubs-32.h>
>>                            ^
>> compilation terminated.
> <gnu/stubs-32.h> is used when building on a 64-bit glibc system in
> 32-bit mode.  However, our glibc does not provide it currently.

I had this same problem and tried lots of workarounds until I finally
found what is now the first patch from my wip-mingw32 branch,
see attached

Greetings, Jan

>From 5a6b6ba5a440d43af3e8c5cbd1d24f3be5a99804 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2016 16:00:36 +0200
Subject: [PATCH 1/9] gnu: gcc: use CPATH, fixes cross builds.

* gnu/packages/gcc (gcc): Use CPATH instead of C_INCLUDE_PATH.  Fixes usage of
  native glibc headers when cross-compiling.
 gnu/packages/gcc.scm | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/gnu/packages/gcc.scm b/gnu/packages/gcc.scm
index 1df5150..a68ec7f 100644
--- a/gnu/packages/gcc.scm
+++ b/gnu/packages/gcc.scm
@@ -300,7 +300,7 @@ where the OS part is overloaded to denote a specific 
ABI---into GCC
        ;; treated as "system headers" (headers exempt from warnings) just like
        ;; the typical /usr/include headers on an FHS system.
        (list (search-path-specification
-              (variable "C_INCLUDE_PATH")
+              (variable "CPATH")
               (files '("include")))
               (variable "CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH")

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