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guix-daemon hitting systemd TasksMax

From: Joram Schrijver
Subject: guix-daemon hitting systemd TasksMax
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2016 01:37:32 +0200


In version 228, systemd introduced a unit attribute `TasksMax`[1] that
limits the number of tasks that can run in a unit. It has effect on
kernel versions 4.3 and up, kernel threads and userspace process count
towards the limit, and the default value is 512.

Running `guix pull` without changing any settings crashed for me,
because building/testing texinfo hit this task limit. Increasing it to
1024 using `systemctl set-property guix-daemon.service TasksMax=1024`
fixed the problem.

Because I expect guix-daemon to hit this limit regularly, it might be
wise to set a higher `TasksMax` in the service file itself, perhaps even
`infinity`. Doing this would, sadly, cause older systemd versions
shipped by various distributions to complain about the existence of the
attribute, so perhaps a mention in the manual would instead be enough.



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