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Re: [PATCH] Add msgpack

From: Lukas Gradl
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add msgpack
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2016 22:44:16 -0500
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Lukas Gradl <address@hidden> writes:

> So the flags -I, -L, -l for zlib are all there for both dynamic and
> static linking.  But still no store reference.

I think the reason why there is no reference is that msgpack uses
zbuffer only for tests.  Before compilation, the file only references
the name "zlib" and does not mention the hash in the path of zlib in the
store.  During compilation (during "check"), this mere name "zlib" gets
somehow resolved to the path of zlib in the store.  The binary file
resulting from compiling zbuffer should therefore contain a reference to
zlib, which should be detectable by guix gc --references.  I think
however, that this binary file does not get installed as it is only used
for tests.  All the files that do get installed in the output path of
msgpack in the store do not contain the hash part of the store-path of
zlib.  They only refer to zlib by name.  IIUC this can not be detected
by guix gc --references since it only searches for the hash part of
the store-path of zlib.

This is what I grasp from looking at libstore/ and
libstore/  I am not sure about this though.


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