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Re: gnunet-fs integration

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: gnunet-fs integration
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2016 15:18:34 +0200
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address@hidden skribis:

> While I'm still new to guile and guix, one of my main motivations
> since I started contributing to guix was an item on the end of
> the roadmap, using a decentralized system to distribute updates.

I think many of us dream of such a thing.  :-)

> At the moment I assume that the following items and steps are
> what's left to get closer to this system:
> 1. an up to date GNUnet
>    a. 0.10.1 of gnunet-fs is not compatible to 0.9,
>       gnunet-svn of gnunet-fs is not compatible to 0.10.1

Unfortunately GNUnet hasn’t seen any release since April 2014, which I
find worrying.

It may be worth considering other options such as IPFS and Bittorrent,
even though they obviously have different properties.

> 2. GNUnet system service for shepherd
>    a. it needs a basic service to start with, ideally we
>       provide what gnunet-setup does through an extended
>       system-service later on

This would be could.  I discussed it with tg(x) in November but never
took the time to actually do it.

> 3. stitching together the guile GNUnet bindings
>    with additions to mechanisms which are
>    at least guix {publish,pull,package}.

Note that Rémi, who worked on this for GSoC, posted prototypes for the
publish and substitute code (along with the bindings themselves, which
are available as the ‘guile-gnunet’ package in Guix.)  It’s probably a
good idea to revive them and see how far you can get.

Glad to see more work in this area!


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