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Re: gnunet-fs integration

From: ng0
Subject: Re: gnunet-fs integration
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2016 14:12:05 +0000


Ludovic Courtès writes:

> Hello,
> address@hidden skribis:
>> While I'm still new to guile and guix, one of my main motivations
>> since I started contributing to guix was an item on the end of
>> the roadmap, using a decentralized system to distribute updates.
> I think many of us dream of such a thing.  :-)
>> At the moment I assume that the following items and steps are
>> what's left to get closer to this system:
>> 1. an up to date GNUnet
>>    a. 0.10.1 of gnunet-fs is not compatible to 0.9,
>>       gnunet-svn of gnunet-fs is not compatible to 0.10.1
> Unfortunately GNUnet hasn’t seen any release since April 2014, which I
> find worrying.

Work is done towards 0.10.2, there are just some bugtickets left
but I can assure you that work is happening regulary and its
alive and well :)
I take the current incompabilities between 0.10.1 and svn in
consideration with the writing of the distributing system. from
what I know, I think it will be fixed with the release of 0.10.2
I'm fairly positive that 0.10.2 will be released soon, but I'll
ask Christian if there's a new ETA now.
Mantis says for gnunet 303 of 308 issue(s) resolved. Progress
(98%). for gnunet-gtk: 100% for 0.10.2

> It may be worth considering other options such as IPFS and Bittorrent,
> even though they obviously have different properties.

That's true, but I chose gnunet-fs because I have more insight
and participation in gnunet than in bittorrent or ipfs.
For bittorrent I'd even consider the trackerless torrent variant
which is popular now.
But my main motivation is gnunet, which I will base this upon.

>> 2. GNUnet system service for shepherd
>>    a. it needs a basic service to start with, ideally we
>>       provide what gnunet-setup does through an extended
>>       system-service later on
> This would be could.  I discussed it with tg(x) in November but never
> took the time to actually do it.
>> 3. stitching together the guile GNUnet bindings
>>    with additions to mechanisms which are
>>    at least guix {publish,pull,package}.
> Note that Rémi, who worked on this for GSoC, posted prototypes for the
> publish and substitute code (along with the bindings themselves, which
> are available as the ‘guile-gnunet’ package in Guix.)  It’s probably a
> good idea to revive them and see how far you can get.

Oh, I did not read everything of it all yet.
I added one more optional item to my list, which is add a method
for (source (origin)) to make use of the two relevant hash
methods which gnunet-fs uses.

If it was just for me, I'd not use 0.10.1 and go
straight for -svn pinned to a version and switch to 0.10.2 once
it is released, but I'd like to test and look for possibilities
to stay compatible. Maybe an 0.10.2 release happens while I write

> Glad to see more work in this area!
> Ludo’.

♥Ⓐ  ng0
For non-prism friendly talk find me on / loupsycedyglgamf.onion

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