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Re: not a patch.. yet. git-daemon-service

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: not a patch.. yet. git-daemon-service
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2016 10:31:25 +0200
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ng0 <address@hidden> skribis:

> Ludovic Courtès writes:
>> ng0 <address@hidden> skribis:
>>>> (define-record-type* <git-daemon-configuration>
>>>>   git-daemon-configuration make-git-daemon-configuration
>>>>   git-daemon-configuration?
>>>>   (git-daemon     git-daemon-configuration-git
>>>>                   (default git))
>>>>   (base-path      git-daemon-configuration-base-path) ; string
>>>>   (port           git-daemon-configuration-port) ; string (default: 9418)
>>>>   (extra-settings git-daemon-configuration-extra-settings))
>>>>   ;;(export-all              git-daemon-configuration-export-all?) ;; 
>>>> those are switches I need to add differently
>>>>   ;;(informative-errors      git-daemon-configuration-informative-errors?) 
>>>> ;; same.
>>>>   ;;(verbose                 git-daemon-configuration-verbose?)) ;; same.
>>> There are many settings. The ones I think are the very basic ones which can
>>> be used for a start for this service are:
>>> port, base-path, a forced --syslog --informative-errors and finally the 
>>> option
>>> to add whatever you want to add when you read the man page.
>>> There are more we can add later, but those are the very basic in my opinion.
>>> What's your opinion?
>> I think it’s OK to restrict yourself to the most common options at
>> first.  We can always add more options eventually.
>> Thanks for working on it!
>> Ludo’.
> How would I test run this service?

You can test it manually by creating an OS config that uses it and
instantiating it in a VM, with ‘guix system vm’.  In the VM you can
check whether git-daemon is running and working as expected.

Writing an automated test would be very valuable, but it’s a bit more
work.  The (gnu tests base) module has examples, and
<> gives an



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