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Re: Rebasing core-updates-next branch

From: Ben Woodcroft
Subject: Re: Rebasing core-updates-next branch
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 14:45:30 +1000
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On 11/07/16 23:01, Manolis Ragkousis wrote:
Hello Guix,

Core-updates-next has not been updated for some time so I think it's
time to do that.  I was planning to rebase core-updates-next on
core-updates and create a new core-updates-next.

There is a problem though. Rebasing changes the pgp signature of the
commit. The affected commits are the ones below.
788eb97 gnu: sqlite: Update to 3.13.0.

Please do.

As a general solution, can we differentiate between author and committer in git?

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