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Re: Review process

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: Re: Review process
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2016 04:24:21 +0200
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On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 06:02:48PM +0200, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> > I think I have covered that both in my writeup and in my response to
> > Ben. I think this work should be accepted as is.
> I find this unfair.  You are not a newcomer, as proved by the fact that
> you’ve already identified weaknesses in the work you submit.


> Thus, that you post it anyway can be understood as “I know this and that
> should be done, but I’d rather let you do it on my behalf, kthxbye”.
> Or perhaps you’re suggesting that reviews are unnecessary, or that the
> points we insist on make little sense?

If have explained things why they are as they are with the Elixir
package. I have done my utmost to get the package to this stage. There
is some work pending fixing tests with upstream. All that is in the
open and happening.

> Well, I can tell you that as a user, I very much prefer that people who
> add packages to the distro have taken their time to make it lean and
> clean.  This QA work that you dislike is a service that we developers do
> to users; it’s not something we do for the sake of elitism.
> I hope this can clear misunderstandings!

Thanks Ludo. As it stands I am no longer submitting packages to ML. I
did my utmost to make the package lean and clean. This package is not
going in.

But, I suggest you listen. I know at least 4 people here who say they
have trouble submitting to Guix. Good people.

You know I love Guix and I am a great admirer of all of you and I
certainly appreciate the energy you put into developing Guix and
reviews. I won't go away, but I am making clear why I am quitting
working in this way. Mind, I saw this coming. I actually quit
submitting packages half a year ago and instead worked through others.
I was interested to see if I would survive this one last attempt. In
the end my opinion on the state of the package conflicts with yours -
even though I am the expert on Elixir here and the conflict is not
about knowledge of Guix itself. Please read this last sentence again.

I'll have a think on how to proceed from here. I want to work with
those 4 people. And I want to attract more people from conda, brew
etc. I am convinced we need to change our ways. This state of affairs
does not sit well with me. To call it elitist was a provocation, but I
actually think there is some truth to it. The world is divided in
people who can do the dance, and those who can't (for whatever
reason). We need to find a way where the lesser people (like me) can

Now, THAT would make it a brilliant project.


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