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Removing corrupted items from a mirror

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: Removing corrupted items from a mirror
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2016 20:26:20 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.6.0 (2016-04-01)

While trying to build the trash-cli patch on top of the master branch
(commit 2a69d4df7d7), I got the following hash mismatch while
downloading a coreutils substitute from my local mirror. When I used instead, the correct data was downloaded.

My question is: How can I remove this corrupted file from the mirror? I
don't know how to figure the name of the file to remove.

$ ./pre-inst-env guix build trash-cli
substitute: warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument
@ substituter-started 
warning: failed to install locale: Invalid argument

Found valid signature for 
>From https://my-mirror/nar/vsrcn35rjpgrrak1w31m7yhc12zz3hd1-coreutils-8.24
Downloading vsrcn3...-coreutils-8.24 (13.8MiB installed)...
       3.8MiB/s 00:01 | 3.5MiB transferred
@ substituter-failed /gnu/store/vsrcn35rjpgrrak1w31m7yhc12zz3hd1-coreutils-8.24 
0 hash mismatch in downloaded path 
`/gnu/store/vsrcn35rjpgrrak1w31m7yhc12zz3hd1-coreutils-8.24': expected 
a91641b020926f42d7dcbe6e9d82be3b5d39f401b7328ea6d0cd79f7893aabb0, got 
@ substituter-started /gnu/store/dgwa731j19lj41cds023sspcg9lqgh4j-module-import 
killing process 28390
guix build: error: build failed: some substitutes for the outputs of derivation 
`/gnu/store/yk4nv2zz40f9k7hr6c9v04rn3pb5l00s-coreutils-8.24.drv' failed 
(usually happens due to networking issues); try `--fallback' to build 
derivation from source 

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