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Re: [PATCH 8/8] services: Add spice vdagent service.

From: David Craven
Subject: Re: [PATCH 8/8] services: Add spice vdagent service.
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2016 20:14:06 +0200

> If spice-vdagend produces a PID file, make sure to use #:pid-file here
> (there are several examples in the tree), which often provides more
> reliable startup notification.

spice-vdagentd doesn't create a pid file itself. [0] [1]

I haven't updated the documentation yet because I'm running into
issues building guix, haven't figured out why yet.

guix environment guix && make

Complains about not finding sqlite3. The pc file is and the libraries
are in the profile, so it might just be guix and nixos getting at it
again. I haven't had time to investigate this further yet.


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