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77 Rust Crates, fluid, roboto-font, libpsyc rust bindings

From: ng0
Subject: 77 Rust Crates, fluid, roboto-font, libpsyc rust bindings
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2017 23:35:16 +0000

... and I still am not sure wether the build system works or not (see bottom of 
this email) because I still have to learn more about this language. Our 
prototype will soon switch to fluid (it's currently using qml-material but I 
refrained from adding that as its upstream looks like it moved on to fluid), so 
apart from the prototype the only "real" application I can check this chain on 
can only be added later after this has been added. Remember panopticon, the 
package which got me to poke at the rust/cargo in winter of 2015 and spring of 
last year? This can be made functional (finally) once I package some more 
crates in addition to all the ones I send with this.

Please provide constructive critique and review. Read the crate repositories 
and their own descriptions etc. It was very hard and not intentional to end up 
with tautological descriptions/synopsis. Remember that we are starting at zero 
and that some (most?) of the now following crates add very basic 

[PATCH 01/86] gnu: Add rust-libc.
[PATCH 02/86] gnu: Add rust-spin.
[PATCH 03/86] gnu: Add rust-lazy-static.
[PATCH 04/86] gnu: Add dotherside.
[PATCH 05/86] gnu: Add rust-qml.
[PATCH 06/86] gnu: Add rust-log.
[PATCH 07/86] gnu: Add rust-futures.
[PATCH 08/86] gnu: Add rust-rand.
[PATCH 09/86] gnu: Add rust-nix-test.
[PATCH 10/86] gnu: Add rust-void.
[PATCH 11/86] gnu: Add rust-slab.

[PATCH 12/86] gnu: Add rust-winapi-build.

The packaging of winapi-build happened before I learned more about the platform 
builds. Might be necessary, might be dropped.

[PATCH 13/86] gnu: Add rust-tempdir.
[PATCH 14/86] gnu: Add rust-glob.
[PATCH 15/86] gnu: Add rust-scoped-tls.
[PATCH 16/86] gnu: Add rust-bitflags.
[PATCH 17/86] gnu: Add rust-unreachable.
[PATCH 18/86] gnu: Add rust-thread-id.
[PATCH 19/86] gnu: Add rust-thread-local.
[PATCH 20/86] gnu: Add rust-cfg-if.
[PATCH 21/86] gnu: Add rust-net2.
[PATCH 22/86] gnu: Add rust-bytes.
[PATCH 23/86] gnu: Add rust-openssl-probe.
[PATCH 24/86] gnu: Add rust-pkg-config.
[PATCH 25/86] gnu: Add rust-num-traits.
[PATCH 26/86] gnu: Add rust-num-integer.
[PATCH 27/86] gnu: Add rust-num-iter.
[PATCH 28/86] gnu: Add rust-openssl-sys.
[PATCH 29/86] gnu: Add rust-matches.
[PATCH 30/86] gnu: Add rust-getopts.
[PATCH 31/86] gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-tests.
[PATCH 32/86] gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-japanese.
[PATCH 33/86] gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-korean.
[PATCH 34/86] gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-simpchinese.
[PATCH 35/86] gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-singlebyte.
[PATCH 36/86] gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-tradchinese.
[PATCH 37/86] gnu: Add rust-encoding.
[PATCH 38/86] gnu: Add rust-deque.
[PATCH 39/86] gnu: Add rust-clippy-mini-macro-test.
[PATCH 40/86] gnu: Add rust-unicode-normalization.
[PATCH 41/86] gnu: Add rust-fnv.
[PATCH 42/86] gnu: Add rust-heapsize.
[PATCH 43/86] gnu: Add rust-unicode-bidi.
[PATCH 44/86] gnu: Add rust-rustc-serialize.
[PATCH 45/86] gnu: Add rust-time.
[PATCH 46/86] gnu: Add rust-term.
[PATCH 47/86] gnu: Add rust-rustc-test.
[PATCH 48/86] gnu: Add rust-idna.
[PATCH 49/86] gnu: Add rust-compiletest-rs.
[PATCH 50/86] gnu: Add rust-strsim.
[PATCH 51/86] gnu: Add rust-quickcheck.
[PATCH 52/86] gnu: Add rust-memchr.
[PATCH 53/86] gnu: Add rust-fs2.
[PATCH 54/86] gnu: Add rust-memmap.
[PATCH 55/86] gnu: Add rust-docopt.
[PATCH 56/86] gnu: Add rust-byteorder.
[PATCH 57/86] gnu: Add rust-csv.
[PATCH 58/86] gnu: Add rust-aho-corasick.
[PATCH 59/86] gnu: Add rust-regex-syntax.
[PATCH 60/86] gnu: Add rust-simd.
[PATCH 61/86] gnu: Add rust-utf8-ranges.
[PATCH 62/86] gnu: Add rust-regex.
[PATCH 63/86] gnu: Add rust-env-logger.
[PATCH 64/86] gnu: Add rust-quine-mc-cluskey.
[PATCH 65/86] gnu: Add rust-toml.
[PATCH 66/86] gnu: Add rust-semver-parser.
[PATCH 67/86] gnu: Add rust-semver.
[PATCH 68/86] gnu: Add rust-rustc-version.
[PATCH 69/86] gnu: Add rust-tempfile.
[PATCH 70/86] gnu: Add rust-nix.
[PATCH 71/86] gnu: Add rust-clippy-lints.
[PATCH 72/86] gnu: Add rust-clippy.
[PATCH 73/86] gnu: Add rust-lazycell.
[PATCH 74/86] gnu: Add rust-mio.
[PATCH 75/86] gnu: Add rust-tokio-core.
[PATCH 76/86] gnu: Add rust-serde.
[PATCH 77/86] gnu: Add rust-serde-test.

[PATCH 78/86] gnu: rust-clippy: Add rust-serde input.
[PATCH 79/86] gnu: rust-toml: Add rust-serde input.
[PATCH 80/86] gnu: rust-csv: Add rust-regex input.
[PATCH 81/86] gnu: rust-docopt: Add rust-regex input.
[PATCH 82/86] gnu: rust-quickcheck: Add rust-env-logger input.

Add those just now because those are dev-inputs or otherwise not needed for 
functional "build".

[PATCH 83/86] gnu: Add fluid.
[PATCH 84/86] gnu: Add libpsyc-rust.

I would need to run 2 build-systems here in libpsyc. Advice needed in how to 
achieve that. You can also provide me with good points why (if at all) this is 
a bad practice (all bindings in one distribution) and we should move rust 
bindings to its own package.

[PATCH 85/86] gnu: libpsyc: Remove comment.
[PATCH 86/86] gnu: Add font-google-roboto.

I have not run any of the 81 packages through guix lint, I would if I would 
know a way to mass lint a list of packages.
For those I checked (like rust-openssl-sys) left me in confusion. Does our 
cargo build-system just build nothing? Are all of these libraries? 
rust-openssl-sys contained nothing, but rust-openssl-sys:src had all the data. 
Same goes for the libpsyc-rust

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