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Re: [PATCH] gnu: Add tipp10 touch typing tutor.

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnu: Add tipp10 touch typing tutor.
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2017 11:55:21 +0100
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Hartmut Goebel <address@hidden> skribis:

> Am 19.12.2016 um 22:39 schrieb Ludovic Courtès:
>>> +              (uri (string-append "mirror://debian/pool/main/"
>>> +                                  "t/tipp10/tipp10_2.1.0.orig.tar.gz"))
>> Is there really no upstream for this program? seems to be
>> live, no?
> There is, but guix is not able to handle the download URL, which is
> <> or
> <>.This page
> uses  "<meta http-equiv="refresh"
> content="1;url=/en/download/getfile/3/1483193955/" />". I asked the
> author for a different URL, but he did not answer.

OK.  In this case, I think the future you (or anyone else) would
appreciate a comment that says just that.  ;-)

>>> +              (patches (search-patches "tipp10-FixCompiling.patch"
>>> +                                       "tipp10-RemoveLicenseCode.patch"))))
>> Please use lowercase and hyphens for file names.  :-)
> Anything else unimportant I can waste my time on? These are the
> file-names of the patches at debian. I see absolutely no benefit in
> changing them.

We have conventions, comments like the one I did are certainly boring,
but I think it’s beneficial to everyone when the code is consistent.

>>> +    (description " TIPP10 is a free touch typing tutor for Windows, Mac OS 
>>> and
>>                      ^
>> Extra space.
>> Please don’t mention supported operating systems; what matters is that
>> it works on GNU.
> IMO this is interesting for users and for spreading free software. If
> one reads this i might think: "O, coll, I can recommend this to some
> friend still using Windooze and ma convince her about free software."

I understand, but the description is meant for Guix users, so it’s a
different purpose.

>>> +Linux.  The ingenious thing about the software is its intelligence feature.
>> “Intelligence feature” sounds vague; could it be rephrased in more
>> precise terms?
>>> +Note: To change the language settings choose Datei (File) →
>>> +Grundeinstellungen (Generell Settings) → Sprache (Language) and change from
>>> +Deutsch to English. The you have restart the program to have the change 
>>> take
>>> +effect.")
>> This information doesn’t belong here.
>> Does Debian have patches to make this program honor the current locale?
>> That would be the best option.
> No, there are not patches, this is why I put this information there. If
> ou dislike, please recommend a better place.

No suggestions, leave it here if that’s the best we can do.

>>> +    (license license:gpl2)))
>> Version 2 only?
> This is what says.

My comment was more about whether you checked the source code headers,
which are authoritative.  They do not have the “or any later version”
wording, so that’s ‘gpl2’ indeed.

>>> +-Exec=tipp10
>>> ++Exec=/usr/bin/tipp10
>> This doesn’t look useful.
> Yes, but this is part of the original Debian patch. I'd prefer to keep
> this patch unchanged to make it easier to follow any changes or fixes
> Debian incorporates. Since guix is fixing this path anyway, there is no
> use in maintaining a own set of patches.


> To be frank, some of your comment on this patch are nitpicking at its
> best. I have the impression that you did not trust me to have spend only
> a little thought on what I'm doing. And you are demanding things (patch
> filenames, change to upstream patches) which have no or negligible
> benefit – even if seen in the long run. This *very* discouraging!

(As a side note, these are not “upstream patches”.)

I’m sorry to read that.  The way I see it is that we all do our best to
improve the system.


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