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Re: Editing Scheme in the installation image

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Editing Scheme in the installation image
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2017 12:54:26 +0100
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Hi Mike!

Mike Gran <address@hidden> skribis:

> Could work, but, there are caveats.
> This Zile fork, and upstream Zile, have characters restricted to 8-bits
> in most places.  It also will not do any bi-directional characters
> or double-width characters.  For non-ASCII config files, Zile-on-Guile
> might be too limited.

Sure, but these are restrictions acceptable in this context (it’s just
about editing the GuixSD config file in the installation image.)

> The functions expressed in Scheme in Zile-on-Guile are the same
> as upstream Zile had.  It is a fairly limited set.
> Zile-on-Guile is a Scheme, not an elisp, even though the functions
> it expresses have elisp-like names. So there is little portability
> between Emacs and this Zile.

Yes.  Any idea how hard it would be to port the real Paredit to

Also, would it be possible to do highlighting à la ‘show-paren-mode’?

> But, for me, putting together Zile-on-Guile was a fun project.  It would
> be cool to see it used for something.  I guess if somebody were
> actually going to use it, it would need a better home than my GitHub.
> I could probably help out, as time permits.

If that works, we could get in touch with the Zile folks to discuss
merging it (Guile extension would be an optional feature).

Thanks for your feedback!


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