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Re: [PATCH] gnu: moc: Update to 2.5.2.

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnu: moc: Update to 2.5.2.
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:39:53 +0100
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Kei Kebreau <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks for the review! The macros you mention were indeed introduced in
> this version.

Wow, good catch!

> Does this commit message look good to you?
> * gnu/packages/music.scm (moc): Update to 2.5.2.
> [source](modules, snippet): Remove timestamps from the output.

I'd just write "[source]: Add snippet to make it reproducible.".

> Does the ghc binary work for you? I get complaints about the ncursesw
> library missing. I suspect it has to do with the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, as
> seen in the ghc package definition.

Looks like you're right. I've filed a bug report:

Thank you!

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