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2f30, v2

From: ng0
Subject: 2f30, v2
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2017 00:39:21 +0000

[PATCH 01/13] gnu: Add xbattmon.
[PATCH 02/13] gnu: Add wificurse.
[PATCH 03/13] gnu: Add spoon.
[PATCH 04/13] licenses: Add wtfpl2.
[PATCH 05/13] gnu: Add skroll.
[PATCH 06/13] gnu: Add sbm.
[PATCH 07/13] gnu: Add prout.

Prout is untested due to my bad situation with printer (see HP printing thread).
It builds and is assumed to be working, and if this needs to be tested I'd 
rather want someone with an functional printer test this.

[PATCH 08/13] gnu: Add noice.
[PATCH 09/13] gnu: Add human.
[PATCH 10/13] gnu: Add fortify-headers.
[PATCH 11/13] gnu: Add colors.
[PATCH 12/13] gnu: Add libutf.
[PATCH 13/13] gnu: Add lchat.

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