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Re: Openbox: Add obconf.

From: ng0
Subject: Re: Openbox: Add obconf.
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2017 18:43:27 +0000

Marius Bakke <address@hidden> writes:

> ng0 <address@hidden> writes:
>> [PATCH] gnu: Add obconf.
>> I noticed we don't have obconf, the configuration tool for openbox.
>> Nix creates an wrapper for this application 
>> (
>>  I don't know if we'll need this. Running from within openbox it seemed to 
>> execute and go through the tabs without crashing.
>> I haven't tried changing any settings so far.
> Could you try changing some stuff and make sure it works? IIRC obconf
> does a lot of funky XML stuff which may require some patching or
> wrapping.
> I don't want to add a package just to get a bug report about it not
> working :-)

Okay, I'm currently reconfiguring a system with this branch,
might take a really long time.
♥Ⓐ  ng0 --

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