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Re: [PATCH] gnu: add proj4.

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnu: add proj4.
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 00:21:28 +0100


> * gnu/packages/geo.scm:139:13: proj4-4.9.3: invalid license field
> But the documentation explicitly speaks about list values. What's wrong?

You quoted the list. That means that all the symbols in it stay symbols and are 
not resolved. Instead of substituting the actual license license:asl2.0, it 
will literally put 'license:asl2.0 into the list.

I'd just use something like (list license:a license:b) .

It would also be possible to use quasiquote but I'd not do that in this case. 
It's too obtuse. `(,license:a ,license:b)

> * /home/bjoern/guix/gnu/packages/geo.scm:100:2: proj4-4.9.3: line 125 is way 
> too long (102 characters)

It's an URL in a comment - I'd be fine with it as-is and I wouldn't break it 

> About the package name: The official name is "proj.4", so I left it as that.

Seems reasonable.

> As variable name, I chose "proj4". Is that correct?

Why not use the variable name "proj.4" too then? *scratches head*

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