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python2-traceback2, python2-linecache2

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: python2-traceback2, python2-linecache2
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 15:34:12 +0100


> The traceback2 module works on python3 as well. I don't think patching
> imports will be necessary?

Maybe it works. However, I think it's silly to package a "traceback" module for 
Python 3.5 which is a backport of the "traceback" module included in the 
CPython 3.5 interpreter when we use the CPython 3.5 interpreter in the first 

Same for python-linecache2.

Therefore, I would have another patchset which adds them for Python 2 only and 
patches them out otherwise (s/traceback2/traceback/g).

Adding them for Python 3.5 would just be asking for them to become outdated for 
no reason (they are part of Python 3.5 and will update with it - their origin 
is Python 3.5).

That said, I'm happy that this is being discussed - I'm not sure what the right 
way to go forward is.

>But I see we don't currently have traceback2, so I'm fine with 1.4.0 for now 
>just to avoid packaging it. The rest LGTM, let's get this [python-testtools] 


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