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IcedTea 1 / OpenJDK 6 discontinued

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: IcedTea 1 / OpenJDK 6 discontinued
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 14:18:27 -0500
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Time marches on and IcedTea 1, which provides OpenJDK 6, is approaching
the end of its life:

There will be one more release in the series, 1.14.0.

Thankfully, we have zero packages that depend on it, except for
icedtea-7, which inherits from it.

What does everyone think we should do? I see 4 options:

1) Distributions like ours will have to support it ourselves. That means
fixing bugs, including security issues. This would probably be a
cross-distro effort.

2) We will continue to package it, but not try to support it. The
package will be stuck in time, and we should mark it as deprecated
somehow, at least with a comment in the package description.

3) We Will remove the package and adjust our icedtea-7 package to no
longer inherit from icedtea-6.

4) Something else...

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