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[PATCH 0/4] Openssh service patches

From: Clément Lassieur
Subject: [PATCH 0/4] Openssh service patches
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2017 00:53:51 +0100

Here is an updated version of the patch series.  It containes minor changes 

  - removal of deprecated 'Protocol' option,
  - PrintLastLog fix,
  - addition of 'subsystems' option (as suggested by ng0, see below).

ng0, could you please test the 'Subsystem' patch? (I didn't test it.)
Actually, I'm not sure it's worth adding, since the Match directive (which is
often used along the Subsystem directive) is unsupported by the Openssh

Comments are welcome!

Clément Lassieur (4):
  services: openssh: Enable PAM.
  services: openssh: Remove deprecated options.
  services: openssh: Fix 'PrintLastLog' default behaviour.
  services: openssh: Add 'subsystems' option.

 doc/guix.texi        | 45 ++++++++++++++++++++----
 gnu/services/ssh.scm | 98 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 2 files changed, 101 insertions(+), 42 deletions(-)


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