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thoughts on a gitolite-service

From: ng0
Subject: thoughts on a gitolite-service
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2017 01:01:16 +0000

I've been playing around with gitolite on GuixSD today, and I think once
the bug I've opened is fixed, it would be nice to write a service for
My requirement for git on a server includes having gitolite and
git-daemon side by side.

git-daemon-service currently creates a "/srv/git" directory which could
be used by gitolite, symlinking the $HOME/repositories folder of the
gitolite user there.
The problem here is that /srv/git by default does not have the right
permissions to allow "git" (if you named your gitolite user, which runs
gitolite and serves as the $HOME for gitolite) to write into it.

To keep gitolite repositories in "/srv/gitolite" and git-daemon readable
ones in "/srv/git" makes no sense.

Furthermore for this service it would be good if it would automate the
process of "gitolite setup -pk", and you could just define your
admin ssh pub key in the system config, of the service.
Adding to this it would be nice if the gitolite-daemon repository would
only be used for creating repositories, and the pubkeys could be added
to the configuration of the service.

How much of this makes sense, where have I missed a detail why we should
not proceed with some detail of this?
Do you have any further ideas?

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