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Re: Being excellent to one another

From: ng0
Subject: Re: Being excellent to one another
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 12:12:44 +0000

Pjotr Prins transcribed 0.4K bytes:
> Erm. Despite the obvious intelligence of all Guix participants I think
> we ought to stick to technical issues on this mailing list (i.e.,
> guix-technical). 
> Maybe we can fork these recent discussions to guix-ethical or
> guix-culture? We all have good intentions, that is the general
> assumption! But I think these discussions will hurt the project as a
> whole. Take it elsewhere, ladies and gentleman.
> Pj.

Discussions about how the project is perceived and acts through the
actions of one of its members with implicit ignorance and refusal to
simply acknowledge problems, acknowledge differences, language barriers, and the
hint to read and learn (wow, new knowledge, you could actually grow on this),
are not hurting the community. It is what we need. I did not want to
follow this discussion, but it seems as it is necessary. I agree to an
earlier point which was made, and extend it: I don't want to be part of
a project which looks and behaves like almost every other project out
there, an exclusive boysclub.
I understand that the majority at least in the scope of this project is
acting and behaving welcoming,friendly and understanding.
When there are problems, the way to cope with them is not to move them
This is not only about pronouns. I wished it was that easy, but it
The default of John, if you go through irc logs, is to correct
repeatedly people who make mistakes in english. I'm asking to
acknowledge the existence of people who do not define their gender as
binary, to not regard them as exceptional or unusal, and to respect!
people who are not speaking or writing english daily. If you can't
understand them, ask politely.
To correct them without them asking for corrections is a top-down view
you can only allow yourself to have if you have more privileges than the
other person.

Now what I'm personally requesting, it shouldn't be necessary that I have
to do this: don't try to attack me. don't chery pick arguments. I don't
expect everyone to be friendly, I've lived long enough to know that this
won't work out.
We are working on this in our freetime. (as an example, not directly
related to this thread) I would not hang out in my free
time with facists, sexists, or otherwise unfriendly people.

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