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Re: [PATCH] gnu: Add fpc. (version 2)

From: Kei Kebreau
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnu: Add fpc. (version 2)
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 11:02:04 -0400
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Danny Milosavljevic <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
>>+                   (copy-file (assoc-ref inputs "fpc-binary")
>>+                              "fpc-bin.tar")
>>+                   (zero? (system* "tar" "xvf" "fpc-bin.tar")))))
> Why the copy-file and then untar ? Can't it be untarred immediately from 
> where it is? If it is useful, maybe add a comment about the reason.

It turns out that this wasn't useful. I can't remember what I wanted to
accomplish by copying the file first, so I've removed the unnecessary call.

> Also, it might be easier to have a fpc-bootstrap package with the
> bootstrap binaries that installs the binaries required to build fpc
> normally and to make a fpc package depend on fpc-bootstrap as
> native-inputs.  What do you think?  I myself don't have a strong
> preference about it - but some other packages do it that way.

This is how I have fpc set up to build right now, unless I'm missing
something. I've defined the bootstrap binaries for the i386 and x86_64
architectures, and the FPC package definition builds the source using
the appropriate binaries depending on the architecture of the build

> About the fpc-reproducibility.patch , it might make sense to file bugs 
> upstream about it so they add it on their side.

I'll bring it up to them.

> Also, these existing bootstrap compilers on sourceforge do not produce
> bit reproducible executables, right?  Should they also have the same
> patch applied upstream in the future ?

The existing bootstrap compilers can produce bit reproducible
executables when they are provided with a program without
environment-dependent variables (time, hostname, etc.). As an example,
the FPC source itself builds reproducibly using the bootstrap FPC binaries.

> Overall LGTM!

Thanks for the review!

> fpc supports armhf and usually so do we - although not here.  We can add 
> armhf support in a future patch, though.

You know, the FPC has released new binaries for its version 3.0.2
release. Now there are bootstrap binaries available for mips,
arm-eabihf and powerpc as well. I can see about adding those and trying
them out.

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