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Re: On merging the npm importer

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: On merging the npm importer
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2017 18:39:38 +0200
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Jelle Licht writes:

Hi Jelle!

> As one of these people living in the "real world", this is exactly how
> I have been using the importer up till now.  I like and agree with
> most of your changes as they make the code much more robust in the
> face of inevitable failure.


> Nonetheless, one could say that we should not make it too easy to
> inadvertently create package specifications for 'binaries'.

Is the --binary flag not obvious enough?  Do you have a suggestion?

> One tiny improvement might be to use `spdx-string->license` from (guix
> import utils), instead of duplicating this effort in the npm importer.

That sounds like an improvement, would you like to help with that?

> How would you propose we get to reviewing your code? Would you care to
> send some patches, or should we bother you via gitlab a bit more?

I think review should be done here, with patches.  I thought it might be
just a bit too early for that and was hoping others [you] would want to
make some changes first...and maybe pulling my git would be handier

I'm happy to send the patches here, whatever is convenient.

Greetings, janneke

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