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with regards to kallithea

From: ng0
Subject: with regards to kallithea
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 10:59:43 +0000


I thought I'll send an update on the process of packaging kallithea.

When I got in contact with upstream, they told me that we could go ahead
and simply test wether new versions of the dependencies will work they
only know it for some of them.
Seems to be a problem not unique to Guix that people want new
dependencies and don't want to keep ancient versions around, I think
Ubuntu was mentioned as another recent bug similar to mine.
The other idea they mentioned was to just build from a git commit, which
would fix certain dependency versions already.

I should ping them on the status of the ticket, it's been a while but I
don't imply for myself that they have forgotten about it.

How shall we proceed?

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