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Re: Staying on-topic

From: Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer
Subject: Re: Staying on-topic
Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2017 13:43:05 +0200
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address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) writes:

> Hello Taylan,
> This is guix-devel and this discussion is off-topic.

Just to be clear: should Code of Conduct related discussions happen on
guix-devel or some other place?  I assumed guix-devel was the place.

> Furthermore:
> address@hidden (Taylan Ulrich "Bayırlı/Kammer") skribis:
>> Lastly, a trivial data point about possible effects of inclusivity or
>> exclusivity, should our Code of Conduct mandate obeying a certain
>> position on this ideological split: [...] I've run a poll asking
>> women how willing they would be to contribute to a project whose code
>> of conduct disallows the use of sex-based pronouns
> This is obviously far from the reality of the project’s code of conduct:

Sorry, I think there's a misunderstanding:

The COC rightfully says that harassment based on gender identity is
unacceptable.  And "the use of sex-based pronouns *for people who
disidentify with them*" (emphasized part is important; was truncated
where you quoted me), otherwise called "misgendering", is often
experienced as harassment.  So as I understand the COC, it does in fact
disallow the use of sex-based pronouns for people who disidentify with

That's why I was worrying.  I think it's fine to ban misgendering, on
the condition that, should a female-born person feel insulted at the use
of feminine pronouns for a male-born person, that too should be banned,
effectively forcing neutral pronouns so the project takes no sides.

I hope this clarifies what I meant.  It's effectively all I wanted to
say; the intention of the longer mail was to clarify the background of
the position, so people don't get the misconception that the issue is
neatly split between "tolerant people" and "intolerant people".


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