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website question

From: ng0
Subject: website question
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2017 12:08:02 +0000

Most initial texts for pragmatique's website are now done.
As I don't want to introduce it with a plain white one-page site, I
thought about what I want to use. Jinja ( or Guile (guix,
guile). The software part of the project is based on and into Guix, so
it would be good to make use of Guile where possible. The only reason
I'd choose template for is that it already has a solution for
#26302 (translation of texts)[0].

As I dislike keeping changes which could be beneficial for others:
If I start with an individual repo, could patches which would fix 
for example the translation problem still be applied "somehow" to
guix-artwork although both repositories share no root but just similiar
Or do I have to commit again into guix-artwork then to share the

It makes no sense for me to re-use the guix-artwork repository as too
much content (graphics, texts, posts) will diverge from the one Guix
uses. I guess there will be maybe 20% code of guix-artwork.git/website/
left over.

What do you suggest to do?


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