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Re: [PATCH] profiles: Generate database file for manpages

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: [PATCH] profiles: Generate database file for manpages
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2017 09:45:35 +0200
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Maxim Cournoyer <address@hidden> skribis:

> Another thought/experiment:
> It could be interesting to use find-files with the  #:fail-on-error?
> flag set to #t. When trying it:
> modified   guix/profiles.scm
> @@ -978,7 +978,7 @@ files for the fonts of the @var{manifest} entries."
>              (string-drop manpage-path (+ index (string-length 
> "/share/man/")))))
>          (define (populate-manpages-collection-dir entries)
> -          (let ((manpages (append-map (cut find-files <> #:stat stat) 
> entries)))
> +          (let ((manpages (append-map (cut find-files <> #:stat stat 
> #:fail-on-error? #t) entries)))
>              (for-each (lambda (manpage)
>                          (let* ((dest-file (string-append
>                                             manpages-collection-dir "/"
> It found a broken link for one of the manpages shipped with our gimp package.

I think we should rather do this check for instance in a new build
phase, rather than have the profile hook fail.


> file 
> /gnu/store/wh2bryjss0pnrv9ss4jbbkwfbj2ql22i-gimp-2.8.18/share/man/man1/gimp-console.1
> /gnu/store/wh2bryjss0pnrv9ss4jbbkwfbj2ql22i-gimp-2.8.18/share/man/man1/gimp-console.1:
>  broken symbolic link to gimp-console-2.8.1.gz

I wonder why this happens…


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