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Re: Github mirror and archive

From: ng0
Subject: Re: Github mirror and archive
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 15:58:13 +0000

Marco van Zwetselaar transcribed 0.9K bytes:
> On 06/04/17 12:53, Pjotr Prins wrote:
> > ** Going off github
> I've been running GitLab self-hosted since December and find it a fine
> alternative.
> Their installation instructions try hard to scare you away from
> self-hosting and installation from source, but I think that's more to
> keep non-sysadmins from shooting themselves in the foot than it is to do
> with inherent complexity.
> A guix package[1] of course would be the bee's knees. :)
> GitLab's OAuth2 authentication and GitHub (and other) import facilities
> ease integration with those clinging to their GitHub or other 'social'
> accounts.
> Zwets
> [1] I've been dying to make one as I'm stuck at GitLab 8.14 due to
> version dependencies in 8.15+ that aren't in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.  My
> servers run Ubuntu LTS, with Guix for out-of-distro packages.  I lack
> the time and guixperience to do this right now but will gladly share
> notes and help out if someone takes this on.

GitLab is super resource consuming. Okay, the more users, the more
resources are used up anywhere, but we are glad when we can switch from
Gitlab to Pagure on our new server.
In resources it won't make much of a difference, but the specs of the
server are far better.

I seem to recall looking into packaging gitlab a while back. I don't
count it as a priority for me. But just as a note, it rarely ever works
out to wait for someone else to take on the job.
I have an almost finished 0ad for months now. No one picks up the
package in the middle which needs to be fixed for 0ad to build. If you
can work on it and maybe need assistance and it can take a long time
anyway, it's a good task to work on, even if it lies around, collects
digital dust and serves as a starting point for someone else :) That's
how rustc came to be, someone did it, left it, someone else did it, left
it, I did it and left it, and 3 or 4 more people worked on it until it
finally was ready.

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