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email change to the generic format

From: ng0
Subject: email change to the generic format
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2017 11:11:37 +0000


Regard this as an heads-up email:

As communicated off-list with Ludovic prior to this message, I give
people who contribute to any current and future subproject of
pragmatique the option to use "address@hidden" email
addresses. We currently run no Email server at the domain, but I will
add one at some point in the next months (so that eventually some names
can resolve when you remove the no-reply in the email, as an optional
I realize that the patches need to be send somehow anyway, but that's an
entire different matter up for discussion on our side.
This address is used to reduce metadata, is not up for discussion and I
hope you respect my decision.

Personally not all packages I work on are relevant for pragmatique but
this is hard to communicate to git log, which is why I have switched my
git email address to this format.
Of course this means I have to make changes to the .mailmap eventually
for my name+email couple again.
This domain is payed for, and will stick around.

In case a bug is found, a package is found to be problematic etc which
was caused by someone with an address, you can
use the address@hidden to reach out.
In case the list address should ever change you can find the current one
on and I will communicate any changes to you.

As people sometimes need PGP keys, I've gone back to including my
contact page in the signature.
By the way:
You can also find "address@hidden" on the keyservers as
I'm already signing my commits to gnunet development with it for a while

PGP and more:

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