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Extending the mysql configuration

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: Extending the mysql configuration
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 18:45:08 +0100
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Does anyone have any advice about making the mysql service configuration
more flexible? At the moment, its not even possible to use a custom
configuration file without modifying the Guix source code.

My initial thoughts revolved around at some level providing access to a
data structure like:

(("mysqld" . (("datadir" . "/var/lib/mysql")
              ("socket" . "/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock")
              ("port" . "3306"))))

This could be part of a record, that can be built in to the
configuration file. This could also be a general feature, as I'm sure
other services will use this format, I spotted Avahi when looking
through the code.

I also spotted the define-configuration syntax, which looks like it
might work well, but I wanted to check if this was definitely a
direction more services were heading before attempting to write out a
large part of the supported configuration options.



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