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Re: Idea: setting up a company [formerly 'ethical hosting' [formerly mai

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: Re: Idea: setting up a company [formerly 'ethical hosting' [formerly mailman service (free for FOSS projects)]]
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 06:01:04 +0000
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> For the record, YunoHost develops such a Web interface that allows
> people to select services to run on their machine:
> It’s designed to drive a Debian system, but I guess making something
> similar for GuixSD would be easier.  We could have Exim, Mailman,
> MediaGoblin, and all that!
> > No consulting required unless something goes wrong. So we need to
> > probably factor in monitoring and minimal support for paying clients.
> Heh, sounds like a plan.  :-)
> Thanks for the brainstorming session!

Now I have a crazy idea. I propose to set up a company that targets
'ethical hosting'. We'll design that company to be fair. Every step
will happen online and anyone can participate. It will be both an
experiment - as a company, an opportunity for people to earn and give
back, and a guide for geeks to set up their own. This is an
interesting age with people working from different countries on FOSS
projects, funding schemes like crowd sourcing, and plenty ideas. What
seems to be missing is is a guide for individuals to start up.

I have been much inspired by Pieter Hintjens, one of the FOSDEM
organizers who sadly passed away last year. You can still read his
BLOG online and see what I mean.

Do you think we can create a Guix-based business? I do. I am willing
to take the lead.


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