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Re: Continuing the work on the recipes related to GNU Ring

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: Continuing the work on the recipes related to GNU Ring
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 10:55:13 -0300
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Hi all! :)

I bring you a request: We might need "real" developers working on this
--- because I don't know how to make programs in the languages being
used by upstreams. Also, I'm somewhat "up to my ears" on study paperwork
now. :)

I have attached an improved set of recipes (in one .scm file, still not
a patch), that take suggestions from
[[]] ---
the list archive item doesn't show it, but someone replied privately to
me saying that msgpack must be made with "C++11" set.

Here is the notes that I have made so far:

- I did not test the changes I made yet, but I plan to once I can
  upgrade my packages installed through Guix.

- Updated commit of ring-project.tar.gz still has lots of patches that
  are applied to their upstream. The attached set of recipes, however,
  doesn't have the updated version yet (due to lack of my time).

  - Also, I just tried contacting pjsip/pjproject on an old issue that
    relates to the "gnutls" patch:

- For the detailed questions of which license the patched *result*
  should have, I recommend you to talk to ssalenick and dkc in #ring
  channel at, because I already talked with them
  briefely. Also, if they don't remember, tell them that they were
  discussing this with "adfeno".

- Other notes are in the .scm file.

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