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Re: Debugging info unavailability

From: Tomas Cech
Subject: Re: Debugging info unavailability
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 09:35:19 +0200
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On Sun, 23 Apr 2017 02:02:06 +0200,
Danny Milosavljevic wrote:
> Hi,
> just now I had to debug a doxygen Segmentation Fault.  I tried to install 
> doxygen:debug but that wasn't available.
> I think it would be nice if these outputs were available by default (but not 
> installed by default).
> If we wanted to do that, we could just adapt guix/build-system/cmake.scm, 
> guix/build-system/gnu.scm and guix/build-system/glib-or-gtk.scm outputs 
> default to say '("out" "debug") instead of '("out").

This is the feature I wish for years, I'd really appreciate such feature as 

Best regards,


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