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From: ng0
Subject: murmur-service
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 12:04:45 +0000

Is someone experienced in running mumble servers (murmur)?

It's been a while since I tested the binary, but to me
it seemed as if it was all automated without much options to pass,
all we got to do is to do something similar to tor-service, would
you agree?

Output of "murmurd --help" for reference:

address@hidden /gnu/store/lwx15l1cpqa2rh12y8rngwz3lfpy3sfk-mumble-1.2.19/bin]$ 
./murmurd --help
<F>2017-04-24 12:02:03.886 Usage: ./murmurd [-ini <inifile>] [-supw <password>]
  -ini <inifile>   Specify ini file to use.
  -supw <pw> [srv] Set password for 'SuperUser' account on server srv.
  -readsupw [srv]  Reads password for server srv from standard input.
  -v               Add verbose output.
  -fg              Don't detach from console.
  -wipessl         Remove SSL certificates from database.
  -wipelogs        Remove all log entries from database.
  -version         Show version information.
If no inifile is provided, murmur will search for one in 
default locations.

PGP and more:

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